On the 29th of August I gave a presentation at Compose :: Melbourne about Plasma's goals and ideas, how it is different from many other functional languages and the current status of the project. Now that the video has been made available it is now easy to show other people, people who couldn't make it to Melbourne, the presentation.

The bibliographic information for this presentation is: P. Bone Plasma Programming Language Compose :: Melbourne Conference Aug, 2016 Slides

After the presentation I received plenty of positive feedback and some questions and had quite a few interesting discussions with various people. I still need to talk with Lee Naish some more about resources. My favorite feedback however was someone calling out "Plasma Rocks!" in my direction as our paths crossed at the after party. I don't know who this was or what they liked about it in particular, but I'm pleased that they liked it so much they felt the need to call out.

If you have any feedback about the presentation or Plasma itself I'd love to hear from you