— Higher order values

Another item ticked off the roadmap! Higher order values and higher order calls. That’s two items!

— Multi-value functions

Woo, another goal ticked off on the roadmap. Plasma now supports functions that return any number of results.

— Parametric Polymorphism

It’s been some time but we’ve finally ticked off another goal on the roadmap. The basics of parametric polymorphism work. You can define a type, such as List(a), not that a syntax sugar for list cells and lists does not exist yet:

— Match-case statements

We’ve reached another minor milestone. Match-case statements are now supported including some rules for how variables are allowed to be used in branching code. This also means that Plasma is now Turing complete, although it is far from being expressive.

— Presentation At Compose
On the 29th of August I gave a presentation at Compose Melbourne about Plasma's goals and ideas, how it is different from many other functional languages and the current status of the project.

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